Advertising in Film and Sheet Extrusion

To view the Film and Sheet Extrusion media pack, click here. This includes our distribution details, our features line-up for the coming year and our advertisement options and rates.

Ten reasons for advertising in Film and Sheet Extrusion

Global coverage – Film and Sheet Extrusion has truly global reach, delivering your key marketing messages to established markets, as well as fast growing emerging regions. The global coverage is ensured by Applied Market Information’s unique international database of film and sheet extruders that has been developed over many years and is constantly updated by our team of researchers. Click here for full details of our circulation.

Focus – Film and Sheet Extrusion is 100% focused on the film and sheet extrusion sectors, ensuring that you are not paying to distribute your advert to parts of the plastics industry that are not relevant to your business.

Cost-effective – because Film and Sheet Extrusion is distributed electronically, we do not have high printing and postage costs to pass on to our customers. Our advertisement costs are therefore extremely competitive and are a fraction of those for other international plastics industry magazines. For full details of our rates, click here.

Interactive – because Film and Sheet Extrusion is accessed and viewed on-line, your advertisement can incorporate direct links to your website. Or you can include brochure downloads or links to enquiry forms. You can even include videos! Get in touch with us to discuss how your digital advert can do so much more for business.

Quality editorial – Film and Sheet Extrusion is written and edited by highly experienced and knowledgeable plastics industry journalists. Plus we have exclusive access to the market expertise and data of Applied Market Information, the world’s leading authority on market trends for plastics film and sheet. And because its contents are 100% focused on the needs of extruders, the magazine is essential reading for your customers. Click here to find out more about the people behind Film and Sheet Extrusion.

Free-access – access to Film and Sheet Extrusion is entirely free of charge and readers can register for a free subscription to receive an e-mail notification when each new issue is published. The magazine’s contents can also be picked up by search engines, such as Google, and our dedicated website,, acts as a hub for accessing current and past issues of the magazine.

Tailored features list – Our scheduled features throughout the year cover all aspects of extrusion machinery and ancillary equipment as well as the full range of relevant plastics and additives. We also look at hot topics such as bioplastics and barrier materials, while AMI’s experts provide detailed analysis of international market trends in each issue. This provides comprehensive coverage for readers and allows you to tailor your advertisement campaign throughout the year. To see the features list, click here.

Rapid and reliable delivery – as soon as each edition of Film and Sheet Extrusion is completed it will be posted on-line using the state-of-the-art Yudu digital magazine technology. An e-mail notification will then be sent to our database of more than 17,000 senior managers involved in the film and sheet extrusion industry. The magazine will also be available immediately on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices using our free dedicated apps. There is no need to wait for the magazine to be printed and posted across the world. It is immediately accessible by everyone, ensuring that the content is fresh and up-to-date and your marketing message is delivered simultaneously around the world.

Extended exposure – All issues of Film and Sheet Extrusion will be kept on-line with free access for at least 12 months. This will build into an invaluable resource for the industry and ensure that your advertisement will generate leads and promote your brand for a full year.

For more details on advertising in Film and Sheet Extrusion, contact:
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